Mario Kart DS Multi Demo 2-8 Play

To play this demo you must have at least 2 of these cartridges. When turned on the game goes to a black screen with the Nintendo logo. After about a minute and a half the two copies of the game will recognize each other. You must then press A on both system and it will automatically take you to a race. Character and level selection are both random. There appear to be 8 different playable tracks in this demo. After you are finished a race it takes you back to the title screen.

Also there are some graphical differences when compared to the final build. Some of the sign boards along the side of the track are totally different. Also when you hit a ? block there is a Chain Chomp item that scrolls by in the item roulette. This item is not in the final game (it was replaced by Bullet Bill). I can't confirm that you can use the Chomp since I never got it on any of my races but the tile itself is there. Some of the other item tiles in the roulette are also slightly different than the final build.Nintendo Product Code: DIS-NTR-AM3P-EUR